Why I Love TUS: Q&A with Edmund Marquez

Agencies Owner
Edmund Marquez Allstate Agencies

Why do you like flying out of the Tucson airport? 
TUS is a local gem!  It is our community’s airport.  My wife Wendy and I choose to fly straight from TUS because of the convenience and ease of leaving from Tucson.  We don’t even consider driving two hours on the Interstate to Phoenix, then having to long-term park, navigate the tram and PHX airport. We choose to fly from our home airport.  

What routes that TUS offers help you and Tech Park business? 
Our non-stop flights to Seattle and Silicon Valley are ideal for our Tech Park.  It is important for Tucson to have direct access to Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Apple and more.  It helps us maintain a competitive edge for when companies are looking to expand, or for their high-paid employees to work from home/Tucson.  

What do you think of the parking options available at and near the airport? 
While most people choose the long-term parking lots as you arrive at TUS, we prefer the parking garage directly to the east of the airport.  Your car is covered and shaded during the summer months, and you can simply walk right into the airport without having to take a tram/bus ride.  It is super easy and convenient!

Do you have any good stories of flying from the Tucson airport? 
We have so many great memories of flights from TUS with our kids.  We started traveling with them from their early ages.  Whenever I am at TUS, I think of the early mornings we would arrive with our kids before setting off on a great adventure somewhere in the world.  

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