Tucson Metro Chamber Releases Candidate Review Guide

The Tucson Metro Chamber has announced the launch of its comprehensive Candidate Evaluation Guide for Pima County races. 

This essential resource is designed to help voters make informed decisions in the upcoming elections, with a focus on supporting a thriving business community. 

Empowering Voters with Critical Insights: In June, the Tucson Metro Chamber’s Candidate Evaluation Committee conducted in-depth interviews with candidates vying for Pima County offices. The committee, comprising business owners, executives, major employers, and community partners, represents a balanced cross-section of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents. The objective was to evaluate candidates on issues crucial to the Chamber membership and the broader business community. 

Evaluation Highlights: 

  • Balanced Perspectives: A diverse Committee ensures a fair and comprehensive evaluation process. 
  • Focused Questions: Candidates responded to 5-7 key questions addressing the community’s most pressing issues. 
  • Performance Scores: Candidates were assessed on criteria vital to businesses and their workforce, resulting in a performance score on a scale of 1-10. 

Non-Partisan Commitment: “The Tucson Metro Chamber is dedicated to work with our elected officials on behalf of Tucson businesses,” said Michael Guymon, president and CEO of the Tucson Metro Chamber. “Our Candidate Evaluation Guide provides voters 

with unbiased, in-depth analysis to help them choose candidates who will foster a pro-business environment in Pima County.” 

Access the Guide: The Candidate Evaluation Guide is available on the Chamber’s website at https://tucsonchamber.org/candidate-evaluation-24/. Voters are encouraged to: 

  • Listen to/Watch candidate interviews 
  • Read questionnaire responses 
  • Review scorecards 

Call to Action: “We urge all voters to use this resource to make well-informed decisions on who best supports economic growth and job creation,” said Guymon. “The Chamber encourages our members to share the videos and questionnaires with their employees/coworkers and submit their completed ballots by the July 30 deadline.” 

Multimedia Elements: Photos, videos, and additional materials are available upon request to enhance your coverage.

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