GUEST COLUMN: How AI is Changing Small Business for the Better

By Lisa Lovallo
VP, Southern Arizona Market
Cox Communications

For small business owners throughout Tucson, challenges ranging from staffing and supply chain issues to the impact of high inflation are on the minds of sole proprietors every day. However, resiliency is always in stock at your locally owned enterprises, and Cox Business is proud to support the entrepreneurs that continue to rise and thrive.

Another change facing small businesses is the arrival of Artificial Intelligence, or AI. Despite the headlines touting AI as a replacement for humans, most small business owners and employees recently surveyed by Cox Business view the technology as a tool to strengthen and grow their teams. In Tucson, with so many companies finding new ways to build their business through the use of technology, it seems likely that AI is here to stay.

Cox Business surveyed small business owners and employees to better understand their usage of and sentiment on AI in the workplace. The survey found that 52% of small business owners said AI enables them to increase or retain employees, and 65% of small business employees said the same – that shows strong support for this ground-breaking technology.

Small businesses can see the potential benefits to AI – and many of them have already invested in an AI tool. In fact, one-third of small business owners invested in AI for their company last year and 53% plan to invest in AI even more in 2024.

“The data clearly shows that small and medium-sized businesses are embracing AI,” said Mark Greatrex, president of Cox Communications. “Leveraging AI to boost productivity and enhance the customer experience empowers entrepreneurs to take their business to the next level and prosper.  With our generative AI practice at RapidScale, we are making it easier to realize the benefits faster.”

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