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Radiology Ltd. Charts an Ambitious Vision for Arizona

By Tara Kirkpatrick

Closing in on a century in Southern Arizona, Radiology Ltd. is committed to using its 90 years of excellence as the foundation to increase its footprint as a force in medical imaging.

Helmed by CEO Logan Ward and incoming President and Chairman Dr. Bobby Kalb and Vice Chairwoman Dr. Danielle Carroll, Radiology Ltd. plans not only to add to its 11 locations, but also to bolster investment into innovation and patient-centered technology. Its new parent company, U.S. Radiology Specialists, will strengthen the infrastructure for expansion beyond Southern Arizona.

“Our goal is to meet the needs of the patient population here, and Arizona is a growing market,” said Ward. “We are trying to grow right alongside the marketplace, and as the radiology and imaging provider of choice, ensure our services are available to more patients. We want to be responsive to demand so patients aren’t having to wait multiple weeks to get in for an MRI, for example, or a mammogram.”

Kalb agreed. “We want to continue to take this forward, having our infrastructure in place. We can offer our successful model in other places and we want to expand our reach in areas that could benefit.”

Over the past decade, Radiology Ltd. has invested heavily into the patient experience, creating easy scheduling and prompt delivery of imaging results. Once an order is made, patients receive a text or email on their phones with an embedded link to schedule their appointment. “This frees up our staff to call patients to schedule more complex appointments,” Ward said. “Streamlining communication with our patients pre- and post-appointment is a high priority for us.”

Equally important has been the company’s consistent investment into the best imaging technology. Radiology Ltd. acquired two new Siemens MRI machines this past year at the Rincon and Alvernon locations, a new Phillips CT machine in Oro Valley and it’s adding new 3D mammography machines with numerous capabilities, he said.

“This is something that we monitor all the time: how is the patient experience from the time we receive an order to the time they are seen. If it’s too long, that’s where we look to invest in new equipment,” Ward said.

Kalb, who was drawn to Radiology Ltd. for its stellar reputation, said the company wants to be forward-thinking and continue to drive quality care. For example, Radiology Ltd. recently hired a physicist and expert on calibrating MRI machines, which has helped ensure image quality across the fleet and enables top-of-the-line staff training on the new MRI technology deployed at the Rincon and Alvernon locations.  

“A lot of other practices will only depend on the manufacturer to give some applications and the techs just figure it out, but to have him go beyond the basics, we are now running it in the most advanced way,” Kalb said.


Pictured Above from left – CEO Logan Ward, New Vice Chairwoman Dr. Danielle Carroll and New President & Chairman Dr. Bobby Kalb. Photo by Tom Spitz
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