Errin Mendibles

Tucson Tea Company has announced that Errin Mendibles will serve as the new director of business development and public relations for Tucson Tea Company.

Mendibles will oversee the development of the wholesale department and serve as a point of contact for public relations. A Tucson native, she is a creative force who will help craft the company’s vision for expanding Tucson Tea throughout the region. 

Tucson Tea Company was created by Yvette-Marie Margaillan and her husband, Eddie Diaz during COVID. “It was an opportunity for the two of us to work on something creative together and to give back to our community,” she said.

The couple launched the company by donating thousands of cups of tea to healthcare workers and first responders throughout greater Tucson. Tucson Tea Company took off and has been growing very quickly ever since. “We focused on creating blends that were influenced by our Mexican and French heritage. The addition of the French macarons with tea was our next step. We have 20 different macaron flavors that pair perfectly with our 150 artisan teas at Park Place mall. This addition will be the perfect match to showcase the tea in and around the Arizona region.”

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