Casa de los Niños’ Kelly Early Education Center Gets High Marks

Casa de los Niños has announced that its Kelly Early Education Center has once again received a four-star rating from Quality First, a prestigious statewide program recognizing high-quality early learning environments.

This marks the second year the Kelly Center has achieved this distinction, solidifying its commitment to providing exceptional early education for Tucson’s young children.

The Kelly Center offers comprehensive care and education for up to 100 children, ranging from six weeks to five years old. This program caters to working families by providing year-round childcare with flexible options. Many families benefit from scholarship opportunities that make this valuable service accessible.

Quality First’s rigorous rating system assesses factors like teacher qualifications, classroom setup, and the quality of teacher-student interactions. Their goal is to ensure early childcare centers foster positive learning environments, continuously improve their programs, and ultimately prepare young minds for academic success in kindergarten and beyond.

“At Casa de los Niños, we believe affordable, high-quality early education is critical in helping children reach their full potential,” said CEO Nora Navarro-Hernández. “Studies show participation in early childhood programs leads to positive long-term outcomes, including higher graduation rates, increased pursuit of higher education, and successful careers – all contributing to a thriving community.”

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