90 Years of Excellence

At Radiology Ltd., Every Image Tells a Story

By Tara Kirkpatrick

With a legacy begun by a prominent physician in 1933, Radiology Ltd. has cemented its status as the region’s top radiology practice and a world-class company trusted for its patient care excellence, state-of-the-art technology and unwavering employee dedication.

In fact, today’s Radiology Ltd. is a powerful convergence of Cs – customer satisfaction, convenience, confidence and cost-effectiveness. The home-grown practice has 11 locations across Southern Arizona, a 97% patient satisfaction rate and a team of expertly trained people who thrive on compassionate, meticulous care.

“We have the most skilled and experienced staff who provide a fantastic patient experience,” said Radiology Ltd. CEO Logan Ward. “We have a group of radiologists who, because of their sub-specialization, are the radiologists anyone would want reading scans. Some of the largest physician groups in Tucson have a choice of where to send their patients for medical imaging, and they’re sending their patients throughout the region to us, because they understand the difference. 

“We definitely hang our hat on that,” he said.

Added President and Chairman Dr. David Jeck, “Quality has always come first. In all of our decisions, we don’t compromise on quality. The degree to which we do that, sets us apart.”

The company story begins with Dr. Edward Hayden, a University of Minnesota medical school graduate with Mayo Clinic and Stanford University post-graduate training. Responsible for the X-ray department at the Desert Sanatorium (now Tucson Medical Center), Hayden started a private practice in 1933. With each new radiologist who joined him, the footprint in excellence he started has since grown over 90 years into a beacon of regional prominence.

“From where I sit now, I’m still impressed by the presence of Radiology Ltd. in the community,” said Dr. Donald Jeck, who was recruited in 1976 and served as president from 1980 to 2001. “People come up to tell me what good care they got here and it makes me very proud, to know that you were a small participant in that care.”

Radiology Ltd., which took its name in the 1970s, today employs more than 45 subspecialized, fellowship-trained experts in body imaging, women’s imaging, interventional radiology, molecular imaging, musculoskeletal imaging and neuroradiology, along with a dedicated staff of more than 500. The company is in-network with 99% of health plans and prides itself on patient-centric technology such as seamless, automated scheduling and prompt portal access to test results.

The people who work at Radiology Ltd. stay here–often for decades–because of the company’s dedication to employee development and support.

“We have a 90-year history and I have been here for almost half of it,” said Frank Rodriguez, a professional relations liaison who started as a dark room tech in 1981. “Radiology Ltd. has opened so many doors for me. It has fine-tuned my work ethic and my personality traits.”

Dr. Danielle Carroll, a women’s imaging diagnostic radiologist and incoming vice chairwoman for Radiology Ltd., said, “I love the people here. I love the staff. I love how everyone truly cares about the patients. I just feel fully supported. These are all people who are willing to hear someone’s vision or thoughts on how to grow and change, and they support you through that process.”

In addition to volunteer and fitness opportunities, the company hosts epic annual dinners to celebrate its technologists—the first people that patients see and their lifeline for compassion during difficult circumstances. “We just really want to celebrate them,” said Crystal Atwell, a compliance coordinator who volunteers on the event’s planning committee. “We love our people.”

Mandy Davis, a Radiology Ltd. breast patient navigator who assists patients after a biopsy, hailed this kind of investment into employees. “They care about your work and life balance, that you are healthy, physically and emotionally.”

Incoming President and Chairman Dr. Bobby Kalb, who worked in an academic setting before joining the company, said it was Radiology Ltd.’s signature model that appealed to him–one that he believes can advance beyond the region. “I’m really looking forward to leading Radiology Ltd. into the next frontier.”

“We want to continue to take this forward and offer our successful model in other places. We want to expand our reach to other areas which can benefit from what we have to offer.”


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