Why I Love TUS: Q&A with Laura Shaw

Senior Vice President
Sun Corridor Inc.

Why do you like flying out of the Tucson airport?  
The Tucson airport is just so easy. I flew out today and the time from parking in front of the airport, into the terminal, through security, and to our gate was less than 20 minutes. This was also early in the morning, a very busy time of day as passengers are getting to the East Coast and beyond. Can’t get much better than that.

What routes that TUS offers help you and your business?  
The California and West Coast flights are super convenient for Southern Arizona to get to great destinations like Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, San Diego, and LA. Flying through Chicago and Dallas connects to the world.  

What do you think of the parking options available at and near the airport?  
The covered lot right in front of the airport is a great parking option to get into the terminal quickly. I really like it. There are also lots of other offsite airport parking options. The parking garage is great in the summer.

Do you have any good stories of flying from the Tucson airport? 
 At the Tucson airport, we have experienced many heartfelt goodbyes and returns for our kids’ adventures, like seeing our daughter off to move to DC and seeing our son depart to and return from a church trip to Europe. Really great memories.

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