Father of the Year Honorees 2024 – Tim Medcoff

Experiencing Life 

By Steve Rivera

There is nothing better for Tim Medcoff than being on a trip with his family as long as they are together.

“We’ve made it a priority,” Tim said. “We’re big believers that life’s a journey, and we need to experience things. We never wanted our kids to be sheltered, so we’ve had them experience things, taking our kids places.”

A managing partner at Farhang & Medcoff, Tim was named one of five Father of the Year honorees by the Father’s Day Council Tucson. They will be honored at the 28th annual gala on June 8 at Loews Ventana Canyon Resort.

International trips are frequent for the family, he said. It’s about his family “experiencing different things, because you grow when you interact with people with different backgrounds.”

His son, Keegan, will be traveling in April to Japan and daughter, Rylin, is taking an internship in France.

“Lori and I are really happy for both of our kids that those values of travel, of getting out of their comfort zone, have been instilled,” he said.

Tim waxed poetic on taking his family back to his mom’s native Vietnam, to see where her life started. 

“She was brave enough to leave her homeland and give me a chance for a better life, and to see my dad had integrity even though he didn’t have much money because he was a private in the army,” he said.

That was 1971. Fast forward to today and family has always been paramount even as he’s been busy with community work.

“I don’t do things for accolades or recognition,” Tim said, adding the award “is a testament to a lot of hard work. I’ve been blessed with an amazing wife who’s been a great partner. She’s helped me raise two amazing kids and has supported me every step of my journey.

“It’s so humbling to be recognized. I was basically raised to be kind, be nice, do hard work and be honest,” he said.

He tries to instill in his kids the same mantra his parents gave him while growing up in Michigan, Alaska, then Tucson.

“I’m so lucky to have my dad as my father,” Rylin said. “He supports me chasing my dreams and my passions without asking anything in return. He just does it because he wants to see his kids successful and happy.

“I love that no matter what I choose, he is always there to catch me if I fall and lift me up when I succeed. He’s worked hard his whole life to support our family and give us the world.”

Added Keegan: “I love how my father always supports our family. He supports me, guides me and backs me in my interests.”

Tim admitted he’s “Type A and driven” but still tries hard to be “around as much as I can.” “It’s about balancing the work requirements and being around, being a good husband and good parent.”

It wasn’t always easy, given his high-profile job as a well-established attorney in Tucson. When studying to become a lawyer, he told Lori that his dream was to start his own firm so he “could give myself a little more flexibility to coach my son’s teams and I could be present for my daughter’s horse events.”

He’s been able to do that – again – because Lori is “a fierce, loving person who picks up when I have to focus on work.”

It’s that work ethic and ambition that attracted Lori to Tim so many years ago, on a blind date, no less. Lori said he knew what kind of law he wanted to practice and what kind of house he wanted − one with a circular driveway.

“He’s achieved all his goals,” she said. “He has the home and practice he’s always wanted. It’s amazing in that he’s done everything he set out to do. He had so many dreams, and he shared them with me. It’s amazing that after 24 years, he’s accomplished the things he said he would. He’s focused and driven, but he also enjoys everything about life. It’s nice to see all that happen.”

Pictured above from left – Rylin, Tim, Lori & Keegan 

28th Annual Father of the Year Awards Gala

Saturday, June 8, 2024 

Loews Ventana Canyon Resort


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