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“Over the past 40 years, adventurous winemakers have been discovering that grapes love the sunny days and cool nights of high desert grasslands as much as cows do – not to mention humans who relish a glass of wine and a quick escape from the desert heat. Today this scenic area, previously best known for ranching, great steaks, horse racing and rodeos, is now also attracting wine lovers in droves.”

That is freelance journalist June Hussey’s lead-in to our cover story as she “takes one for the team” and journeys south to the beautiful countryside of Sonoita, touring the area’s 14 wineries. Creative Director Brent Mathis adds captivating photos to this fascinating feature.

To further whet your appetite, Hussey continues, “Steak lovers and wine lovers alike can thank Spanish missionaries for bringing cattle and wine making to the new world. Centuries later, in 1973 to be exact, University of Arizona soil scientist Gordon Dutt, along with Blake Brophy, established the first experimental vineyard on the Ignaciode Babocomari Ranch near Sonoita. Dutt developed a system of water harvesting utilizing hillside berms to reduce erosion and provide the amount of water needed to irrigate, and modern winemaking was officially underway in Arizona. In 1978, Dutt founded Sonoita Vineyards, focusing on French varietals because of the soil’s close resemblance to that of Burgundy, France.”

Once you’re fully relaxed, Hussey takes us on another adventure to our “Silicon Desert” as IBM Tucson celebrates a milestone of four decades of world-changing technology. VP Calline Sanchez and her amazing team provide in depth interviews, along with some of the key achievements over the years. 

Tucson’s love affair with IBM began in 1978 when the company set up shop at its brand new, state-of-the art facility at 9000 S. Rita Road. Forty-one years later, Tucson’s population is double in size and IBM’s Rita Road site is part of the business complex known as UA Tech Park at Rita Road, home to approximately 40 tenant companies. IBM’s presence here clearly helped set the stage for Tucson’s rise as a high-tech corridor.

Speaking of milestone anniversaries, an inspirational homegrown success story is the topic of a special report. Lloyd Construction Company celebrates its 50th anniversary as one of our region’s leading commercial construction     companies. Founder Bill Lloyd, Sr. came to Tucson from Illinois with $50 in his pocket and earned an engineering degree from the University of Arizona. Through sheer determination and a great work ethic, he founded the company in 1969. Today, Lloyd’s two sons, Bill Jr. and Brad, lead the company with every type of project imaginable, adding beauty and modern sophistication to the city’s skyline as well as meticulous historic preservation for projects such as Downtown’s Historic Train Depot.

One major development that Eric Swedlund reports on is the recent $15 million gift to the University of Arizona’s Center for Integrative Medicine by it’s world-renowned founder Dr. Andrew Weil.

More exciting news at the University – the completion of the $400 Million Banner-University Medical Center tower as Jay Gonzales files the report. And important news for South Tucson as El Rio Community Health Center’s Cherrybell facility opened recently. 

Steven E. Rosenberg

Publisher & Owner


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