Steve Odenkirk Announces Peritus Commercial Finance

Access to 40 years of commercial banking and loan expertise is now available through Peritus Commercial Finance.  

Steve Odenkirk, Principal, can provide commercial mortgage brokerage and commercial finance consulting services to aid businesses in meeting all their commercial finance and banking needs.

“Peritus can be an in-house loan officer representing your firm in any banking and finance negotiations,” said Odenkirk. “We ‘level the playing field’ in all matters of commercial finance.”

Peritus’ consulting practice includes:

Commercial Mortgage Brokerage
Peritus can source and close commercial loans of $1 million+ for real estate and operating companies. The firm can source loans from banks, life insurance companies, and Wall Street lenders.

Debt Restructuring
Working on behalf of both lenders and borrowers, Peritus can develop and execute strategies that provide the best available outcomes for troubled loan situations.

Expert Witness
With 40 years of commercial lending experience, Peritus provides industry insights and   expertise in underwriting, managing and collecting commercial loans.

“I was introduced to Mr. Odenkirk as a workout consultant,” said Jeff Bleecker, owner of Arizona Equipment Rentals. “From that point forward he has been an integral part of our overall financial “team.” He has provided insight, expertise, and negotiation strategy in a wide variety of areas.”

Peritus Commercial Finance LLC offers its clients access to 40 years of commercial banking expertise. Odenkirk has served as a loan officer, Chief Credit Officer and workout officer for   local, regional and national banking institutions. His experience as a licensed Commercial   Mortgage Broker also provides clients with access to a wide array of both traditional and non-traditional lenders. 

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