Jennie Grabel

Social Venture Partners (SVP) Tucson welcomes Jennie Grabel back as Vice President of Programs as of February 2nd, 2022. Previously Jennie served as Director of Marketing and Communications at Community Investment Corporation, and Family Housing Resources Inc, and Program Director at KXCI Community Radio.

Jennie will help take one of Tucson’s most innovative and vibrant philanthropic organizations to its next level of impact by bringing her history of experience in both the nonprofit and corporate sectors specializing in programming, management, philanthropy, leadership, and marketing to SVP. 

Jennie returns to SVP Tucson in a new role that provides strategic leadership for SVP’s programmatic and community impact activities. She will lead the development and expansion of a collaborative 2Generation Collaboration between SVP and community partners, as well as lead SVP’s longstanding nonprofit and community capacity building programs. Jennie’s first chapter at SVP Tucson was serving as Director of Community Impact from 2014-2018.

“This job is a collision of the dreams I have for my career in a place that feels like home. SVP has seen so much growth since I was last here. SVP Tucson is not afraid to take on bold goals and is the position to act on them and that’s why I’m coming back. SVP Tucson’s unique and innovative approach to problem solving community wide issues is all about collaboration and creating lasting change that matters and I’m excited to be a bridge builder between nonprofits and philanthropists.”- Jennie Grabel 

“Jennie is rejoining the SVP team at a pivotal time when our commitment to creating sustainable, community level change is taking root and our newly formed 2Gen Nonprofit Collaboration is in implementation phase,” says CEO Ciara Garcia. “SVP has held robust community listening sessions to get to this point about the needs and opportunities in Tucson. There is a clear need for a coordinated community initiative that addresses the needs of both children and parents and that is what our 2Gen Collaboration seeks to provide. SVP is ready to take our work to the next level.” 

The 2Gen Collaboration supports nonprofits and families living in or near poverty by addressing systemic issues within the current nonprofit structures which create unnecessary burden for families in need
of support and in funding structures that prevent nonprofits from accessing resources needed to grow. For nonprofits this collaboration will increase capacity, incentivize collaboration, and institutionalize consulting populations served when developing programming and funding strategies. For families the 2Gen Collaboration will increase assets, employment and graduation rates, increase early childhood education enrollment, and develop safety nets.

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