Jenaya Parise Carter

Fintrepid Solutions, an award-winning firm of business growth specialists, has announced the opening of its new office in downtown Tucson. Following the success of their first location in Scottsdale, Fintrepid decided to expand to a familial market where many long-term clients are based and there’s opportunities to connect with up-and-coming new businesses. The office is located at 319 West Simpson St. in the new La Suprema Works space.

Fintrepid Solution’s new Tucson office is led by Jenaya Parise Carter, who has been a principal at the company since 2019. Prior to joining Fintrepid Solutions, Carter amassed over a decade of public accounting experience with a specialty in financial reporting, technical accounting, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, internal controls and processes, significant non-routine transactions, budgeting and financial models, and complex project management and execution. Her diverse background brings a new perspective on financial management and operational best practices. Since joining Fintrepid Solutions, Carter has led efforts with multiple clients as well as overseen the company’s growth in the Tucson market, making her the perfect fit to lead the new office.

The dedicated team of business growth strategists at Fintrepid Solutions is highly skilled in a number of key areas including growth, business strategy, sustainability and profitability. This past year, the team was recognized with the 2020 Mergers and Acquisitions Firm of the Year award for the Southwestern U.S. by Acquisition International.

“As a University of Arizona alum, I am thrilled to announce the opening of a new office in my former place of study,” said Ryan Weissmueller, president and founder of Fintrepid Solutions. “As the entrepreneurial community continues to grow in Tucson, there is a strong need for our services. Our team looks forward to engaging with new members and business owners in the community. We are very confident that Jenaya Parise Carter, a Tucson native herself, will do an excellent job overseeing our new office and spearheading development within the Tucson community.” 

After an unprecedented year, many small businesses are facing financial hardship and are left to make difficult decisions to stay afloat. Fintrepid Solutions exists to help businesses overcome these difficult times and get them on a road to recovery, growth, and long-term success. With a keen understanding of each clients’ individual needs, the Fintrepid Solutions team executes strategies that deliver solutions to some of the most pressing challenges brought on by 2020.

Some of Fintrepid Solution’s specialties include:

  • Financial crisis management
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Data driven decision making
  • Cash flow management
  • Forecasting and exploring “What Ifs”
  • Business model development and pivots

Fintrepid Solutions expansion to this market is not only a testament to the firm’s success these past few years, but also to the value clients see in the work that they do. While this past year has been extremely difficult for many businesses, Fintrepid Solutions is optimistic about the services they can provide to those looking to recover and grow in 2021. 

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