Jackson Burton

Critical Path Institute has named Jackson Burton as Executive Director of C-Path’s Quantitative Medicine Program.

Burton obtained his doctoral degree in applied mathematics at the University of Arizona, where he focused on quantitative modeling of drug transport in solid tumors. Prior to joining C-Path, Burton worked in industry settings conducting modeling and statistical analyses for a variety of mission-driven quantitative solutions in oncology and business decision science. He has been with C-Path for four years.

As leader of C-Path’s Quantitative Medicine Program, Burton oversees the organization’s efforts in the development of innovative quantitative solutions to accelerate medical product development across therapeutic areas (including neurological disorders, diabetes, solid organ transplantation, rare/orphan diseases and pediatrics). 

Such solutions include clinical trial simulation tools, model-based biomarker tools, machine learning and AI for remote monitoring technologies, and evidence generation from real-world data. Additionally, he leads C-Path’s postdoctoral fellowship program in model-informed drug development, where the next generation of cutting-edge scientists who will further transform medical product development paradigms are being trained.

“Jackson embodies the type of scientist needed to truly accelerate medical product development in the 21st century,” said C-Path CSO Dr. Klaus Romero. “With his expertise in integrating mathematics and medicine, and his ability to lead the team that transforms data into actionable solutions to accelerate and de-risk the R&D and regulatory process, the lives of countless patients will benefit from his leadership at C-Path.”

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