H.S. Lopez Foundation Celebrates Five Years of Center for Opportunity

The H.S. Lopez Family Foundation is celebrating the fifth anniversary of the H.S. Lopez Family Foundation Center of Opportunity. A milestone event on Friday, Jun. 7 at 1pm will highlight the significant impact the center has had on the community over the past five years.

Five years ago this month, H.S. Lopez Family Foundation and Gospel Rescue Mission partnered together to build a place unlike any other place – a collaborative campus with over 60 partners that welcomes all in and addresses the root causes of homelessness with services and programs to transform lives and set them on pathways of success.

Impact Highlights:

Over the past five years, the Center of Opportunity has made a significant impact:

  • 15,115 guests received at least one service
  • 747,375 meals served
  • 1,861 individuals secured permanent housing
  • 490 completed a 12-month recovery program
  • 1,652 secured new employment
  • 1,055 children served

“When I first envisioned the HSL Center of Opportunity, I had high hopes for its success, but the reality has far exceeded my expectations,” said Humberto Lopez. “The center has become a Beacon of Hope, and a catalyst for change in our community, where people experiencing homelessness can find not only immediate relief, but also long-term to rebuild their lives. It has become a transformative force in the lives of many individuals, helping them regain their confidence, independence, and sense of purpose.” 

Lopez aims for the Center of Opportunity to become a national model, registered in every state, where communities can replicate success. 

“By using the Center of Opportunity name, we can establish an association to share best practices, services, and job relocation ensuring that all mirror each other,” Lopez said. “To turn this dream into reality, it would require initial funding from other wealthy individuals or foundations and in return, we would provide the necessary training and tools to replicate our successful homeless shelter.”

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