Carol Stewart

Carol Stewart, associate VP of Tech Parks Arizona for the University of Arizona, has been appointed the new International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation North America Division president on the International Board of Directors.    

IASP is a worldwide innovation ecosystem that includes over 350 member organizations from 76 countries.  The global network of science parks and innovation hubs comprises even regional divisions: Africa, Asia-Pacific, Eurasia, Europe, Latin America, North America, West Asia and North Africa.   

IASP was formed to enhance new business opportunities for members and their companies by developing an active network of managers for science/technology/research parks, innovation districts and other areas of innovation. This international network serves as the perfect platform to drive growth by sharing best practices and inspiring solutions. 

IASP is currently planning for their world conference IASP Virtual , where Stewart along with other international speakers will gather online to discuss “Beyond disruptions and resets: the resilience of innovation ecosystems.” The collective conversation about the resilience of innovation ecosystems around the world is one example of how the IASP network is leveraged. Leaders will share how they have responded to challenges and adapted to rapidly changing conditions, spotlighting how these unique communities got through hard times via innovation, adaptability and the capacity to connect.  

Stewart was unanimously approved by the IASP members and was a natural fit with over two decades of experience with research parks, technology commercialization, and business incubation. Previously, she served as the founding director of the David Johnston Research + Technology Park at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada, was a founding board member of the Association of University Research Parks Canadian Chapter and CEO of AURP, which represents the majority of the North American university research parks network.  

In this role, she collaborated with numerous leaders worldwide to build and grow university-related research parks through education, unification and collaboration. She helped to expand the organization’s international credibility by showcasing best practices to research parks across the globe.   As a pioneer in the research parks world, she has driven national policy, standardized programs, created national and international networks, built technology clusters, engaged stakeholders and assisted countries with the development of their national science and technology policies. 

“Our regional divisions play an important role in helping members focus on the local issues most relevant to their part of the world, all within the framework of our global association. I am delighted to welcome Carol Stewart as the new president of our North American Division, linking our members from Canada, Mexico and the USA, and look forward to her contributions to our worldwide network,” said Ebba Lund, CEO of IASP. 

Outgoing North America Division President Sylvain Ouellette from Technoparc Montreal, Canada said, “A two-year term goes quickly! I am delighted that mine and Carol Stewart’s paths cross and it is with joy that I learned that she will replace me on the IASP Board as North American Division president. It was a privilege to work with such a dynamic team, and to be able to identify the richness and dedication of our colleagues within IASP. I am sure that she will know how to put that energetic touch which characterizes her so much to the role and will thus be able to energize the North America division.”  

“I am honored to serve as the North American Division president and the opportunity to play an active role on the International Board.  I am thrilled to further deepen my current international relationships and spark new ones with my incubator, science park, and areas of innovation colleagues around the world and introduce my North American ecosystem leaders to the global opportunities that IASP presents for our startups, SMEs, and corporations that call university research & technology parks their home,” said Stewart.  

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