Why I Love TUS: Q&A with Barbi Reuter


Why do you like flying out of the Tucson airport? 
I love the ease of travel from Tucson – it feels like home and is quick and easy to navigate. The airport’s commitment to displaying local artists like my friend Lauri Kaye always makes it enjoyable to wander. 

What routes that TUS offers help you and your business? 
My business is local, but conference and family travel take me all over the country. I have two preferred airlines and can always find a route. We always love announcements of new nonstop service like the recent one to Orange County!

What do you think of the parking options available at and near the airport? 
Onsite daily parking is popular, so it’s helpful to read the LED sign as you’re entering the property in case it’s full and to have options at the garage and shuttled lot.

Do you have any good stories of flying from the Tucson airport? 
TSA agent. I happened to be flying last week on an anniversary of my mom’s passing. She was an artist and lover of beauty in nature and art, so the paintings near the walkway coming in from the garage made my day. On another trip last year, I was moved by the kindness of a TSA agent who came to the aid of a very anxious and distressed traveler at the security checkpoint. He helped her through an uncomfortable situation with dignity and respect.

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