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BizTucson Magazine is partnering with KVOA News 4 Tucson, with our Spring 2024 edition cover theme: The World is Watching Tucson in 15 Key Sectors

Reported by Syeda Abbas, KVOA News 4 Tucson

The world is watching Tucson.

Along with our partners at BizTucson, we are highlighting the many reasons that our city is getting so much attention.

Today we are talking about why Tucson is the country’s first UNESCO city of gastronomy.

Recently visit Tucson has started to claim that Tucson has the best Mexican food. 

Only 50 cities of gastronomy exist in the world.

Two thirds of Tucson’s 1,200 plus restaurants and bars are locally owned.

Tucson has 12 times the number of locally owned food trucks and carts per capita new York city.

We spoke with Felipe Garcia the president and CEO of visit Tucson. He told us about the essential ingredients that make your taste buds dance.

“There were three ingredients called the 3 sisters there was corn squash and beans,” he said. 

Many of our local chefs from places like El Charro Cafe and El Guero Canelo just to name a few have been recognized by the James Beard Awards which recognizes talent in the culinary arts.

“This Sonoran type of cuisine that we have in this part of the U.S and what I love about Sonoran cuisine is that it’s very simple, very honest, very true and you cannot hide bad food.”

Tucson’s gastronomical heritage has been in the making for 4,000 years.

To learn more about the reasons the world is watching Tucson, check out the Spring 2024 edition of BizTucson Magazine

Watch Syeda Abbas report here

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