Startup Spotlight: Dimensional Energy

Dimensional Energy gives carbon dioxide new life as a cost-effective building block for industrial fuels and consumer products traditionally made from fossil carbon. Until now, carbon dioxide has been defined as waste − it is what’s left over when all the energy is burned off energy-dense fuels, warming our planet and categorized as a byproduct impossible to utilize cost effectively. With Dimensional Energy’s carbon utilization platform, carbon-intensive industries can chart a course to carbon neutral or zero emissions operations.

The Dimensional Energy Tucson Technology Center, located in the Solar Zone at the UA Tech Park, produces fossil-free wax derived from emissions that can close the loop on humanity’s industrial carbon cycle. 

Pictured above from left – Paul Miller, Principal Mechanical Engineer; Angelina Farrar, Facility Coordinator & Plant Operator; Brad Brennan, VP Research and Development; Adrienne Lee, Project Manager & Site Engineer; Jason Salfi, CEO


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