Simpleview Launches “Game-Changing” Data Engine for Destination Marketing Companies

Simpleview has launched a business intelligence suite and warehouse that provides destination marketing organizations with highly reliable, accessible, and digestible data. Simpleview Data Engine is a revolutionary SaaS-based platform that centralizes reporting and data models, provides direct access to robust reports curated by industry experts, and allows DMOs to incorporate their own unique data. 

As the newest, most complete reporting solution for DMOs, Simpleview Data Engine collects, standardizes, and cleans data from across the internet and compiles it into a data warehouse. From there, DMOs can use the data engine’s vast data visualization capabilities to generate reports and dashboards to share with internal and external stakeholders.

Simpleview Data Engine empowers DMO professionals to make better data-driven decisions, with access to:

  • Single source of truth for data: collect, clean, and standardize data from various sources
  • Permission control: decide who sees what data and securely share it, both within and outside the DMO
  • The ability to tell and visualize their story: create reports and visualizations to communicate more meaningfully
  • 360-degree view of a DMO and destination: see both the big picture and granular details with the click of a button

As the leading provider of CRM, CMS, and marketing solutions for destinations worldwide, Simpleview is known for its best-in-class products and services for the travel and tourism industry. Simpleview Data Engine will further the company’s commitment to providing the future of data aggregation and analysis to its clients. 

“Simpleview Data Engine has been a game-changer for Visit Raleigh, providing us with a comprehensive and reliable source of data that’s easy to access and understand,” said Vimal Vyas, VP of data, security, and digital innovation at Visit Raleigh. “We can now quickly identify trends, measure performance, and adjust our strategies in real-time. It’s quite simply the future of DMOs.” 

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