Sensor Company Develops Testing, Demonstration Site at University of Arizona Tech Park

GEOST has selected the University of Arizona Tech Park to develop a new testing and deployment site for its ground-based optical collection systems. 

As a pioneer in the space-based payload market, GEOST solves its customers’ problems through cutting-edge, ground- and space-based sensor payloads and mission support solutions.

Founded in 2004, GEOST is a leading provider of small and medium payloads for space protection, missile warning, and space domain awareness solutions. GEOST has extensive technical capabilities, creating innovative and scalable designs used in space, terrestrial, and airborne environments. 

The new research and development location at the UA Tech Park represents the ideal environment to test new technology, demonstrate products to potential customers, and foster the company’s growth plan near its main campus in Tucson. The available dark sky environment, coupled with the accommodating support provided by the UA Tech Park team, make this the ideal location for GEOST’s observatory operations. 

Rich Gray, president and general manager of GEOST commented, “This unique and spacious build to suit UA Tech Park site enables GEOST to quickly and efficiently assemble and test our optical collection systems before their deployment to serve critical missions for our customers.”

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