FORGE Ahead Welcomes MindReady to Accelerator Program

MindReady Co-Founder Jeremy Wolf offers some good advice to other startup entrepreneurs: “Just make the damn thing and ask questions later.” 

MindReady provides sport psychology coaching and education to athletes, parents, and coaches.  MindReady’s goal is to provide resources to help athletes be their best on and off the field.  

MindReady is the newest company in this year’s FORGE Ahead accelerator program.  FORGE Ahead includes The Residency at FORGE, a 12-month scale-up program for young, rapidly emerging, innovation-driven companies seeking profit-market fit.  The Residency at FORGE helps CEOs and founders create custom development plans and resource maps to achieve sustainable growth and profitability. Residents work with experienced entrepreneurs and investors, and meet regularly for up to one year with peers and a team of expert mentors,

Wolf looks forward to the expertise he and his team will gain through FORGE Ahead. “I know how to do one thing in business very well, and that’s talking about and creating the things I’m passionate about,” said Wolf. “FORGE has the experts and the staff to support MindReady in every aspect where we need assistance – that’s the most amazing part.”  Wolf learned about FORGE when his company pitched on the main stage at the recent TENWEST conference.  “I think that proved to myself and the team at FORGE that MindReady had what it takes to join the team,” said Wolf.

As a former minor league baseball player with the New York Mets and Olympian with Team Israel, Wolf has dedicated himself to the mental health and well-being of athletes from every sport, background, and skill level.  His years of professional baseball showed him that independent and quality mental performance coaching, with an athlete’s best interests in mind, was something critically needed in the industry. 

Wolf runs Mind Ready with Co-Founder Pepe Santos, a former professional baseball player in Mexico who is passionate about examining economies and industries around the globe, and a dedicated team.  “I have the most fun building MindReady when we jump on a call and have fun brainstorming and implementing,” said Wolf. “We have a great team.”

He is grateful to be able to be part of the Tucson startup community and appreciates all the support he has received for MindReady.  “Tucson is such an amazing and tight-knit community, I’m beyond fortunate to have moved here during the pandemic.  We are doing something so unique that athletes thank us every chance they get. I’m fortunate to be in a position where we can help athletes be their best and also assist them as they leave their sport.”

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