CEO, UAVenture Capital

In what ways has your organization had to “pivot” as the short-term impacts of the pandemic took hold? 

We help commercialize University of Arizona technology.  With the campus closed during the pandemic a lot of projects were delayed, labs were closed, committees on hiatus. There was no pivot for us, just delays.

What trends are you experiencing in your own industry, across the U.S. and globally, related to expected long-term impacts of the pandemic?

We don’t see long term impacts in the innovation, invention fields or university tech transfer. Raising capital will be more challenging, with investors taking less risk.

From your business vantage point, what qualities put the Tucson region in a position to recover quicker economically and more effectively than other regions?   

Tucson’s geographic location, dispersed living, cost of living and innovation/tech culture make us one of the most desirable cities post-pandemic.  

What are some of the attributes of Tucson that you personally enjoy? 

Tucson’s food culture has been right up there with the top five cities in America and our music scene was second only to Austin, I believe.  Food and music are the two most challenged activities during the COVID-19 shutdown. We have lost some of our best restaurants and the concert venues are dark. Bringing our entertainment sector back to where it was will be a huge challenge, but I am personally dedicated to both causes and convinced we will be back and better than ever. “I can be changed by what happens to me. But I refuse to be reduced by it.” – Maya Angelou.

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