Dental Technology Company Tekagogo Launches in Tucson

Running a successful dental practice requires far more than reminding patients to floss or updating the waiting room. Keeping dental equipment in optimal working order is key. Yet when vital equipment needs repairing, long wait times for technicians and outdated systems can take a bite out of the profit.

Enter, Tekagogo, a revolutionary technology company using geofencing to quickly connect dentists with technicians and solve the problem of costly equipment repair delays, with premium service and response times. 

“The on-demand economy is no longer just for ridesharing or food delivery services,” said Eric Payne, Tekagogo founder and CEO. “We’re bringing a user-friendly, integrated platform to solve a long-standing challenge in the dental field — both for the dentists and the technicians. There is literally nothing like it in the industry.”

How Tekagogo Works
When a piece of dental equipment fails or breaks, dental professionals log into their Tekagogo dashboard and instantly request equipment repairs for the same day or schedule an appointment for a later date. Typically, within four minutes, a highly qualified technician or, “Tek” is notified and responds with their availability, time estimate, and cost.

“Support from Tekagogo is a game changer for our equipment repairs,” said Dr. Ali Alijanian DDS, Inc. “Repairs cut into overhead, but what’s even more costly is when we have to cancel treatments for hours or days because we’re waiting for a repair technician. Tekagogo saves us both time and money and is solving a critical need in the dental industry.”

Benefit for Teks
Tekagogo empowers Teks to have more control of their career and time. Tekagogo’s software aids in streamlining daily schedules by minimizing time intervals. Experience the Tekagogo difference, less driving, more servicing.

“This marks a significant shift in how dental offices can manage their equipment maintenance efficiently, while also helping technicians earn a livable wage. We are proud to bring this to the Phoenix and Tucson communities,” said Payne.

Preventative Maintenance Program
Tekagogo’s commitment to dental practice efficiency is enhanced by its year-round preventative maintenance program. By proactively caring for the vital equipment that forms the heartbeat of any dental practice, Tekagogo helps dental professionals stay focused on patient care without interruptions.

Tucson adds to nine other cities where Tekagogo operates: San Antonio, Dallas, Fort Worth, Tex. Austin, Tex. Sacramento, Calif., the Bay Area (Northern California), Phoenix, Albuquerque, N.M. and Santa Fe, N.M.

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