Delta Development Team Announces Two Milestones

Delta Development Team, Inc. has announced two significant milestones with the Association for the Advancement of Blood & Biotherapies. 

Delta’s medical devices, the Autonomous Portable Refrigeration Unit and the Delta ICE2L Smart Blood Cooler, have been accredited by the prestigious AABB Standards-Compliant Products Program, enhancing the capabilities of prehospital healthcare providers globally. Additionally, the company has become a corporate partner with AABB, a testament to its commitment to the advancement of blood and biotherapies and prehospital care, supporting those who save lives every day.

The AABB Standards-Compliant Products Program ensures that products are in compliance with AABB standards, benefiting both vendors and consumers in the blood community. The APRU6L and Delta ICE2L, having received AABB Standards-Compliant Products recognition, have undergone rigorous evaluation and adhere to AABB’s equipment, process control, and document control standards.

The APRU6L is the only portable, battery-powered blood refrigerator with this accreditation, and the Delta ICE2L is the only AABB-certified smart blood cooler that is FDA-listed for blood bank grade storage.

Constantly pushing the boundaries in cold chain logistics, Delta Development Team is renowned for its cutting-edge solutions for portable blood storage and transport when timing is paramount. The team is committed to excellence, exceptional quality, and empowering those dedicated to saving lives. The APRU6L is its flagship product, aimed at creating reliable and accurate blood storage for extremely long periods in austere conditions; the Delta ICE2L was created with EMS in mind to ensure safe, standard-compliant blood storage and ease of transport, equipped with advanced blood-monitoring technology.

Delta’s alignment with AABB as a corporate partner will broaden its corporate presence and foster connections with key decision makers in the blood and biotherapies sector across over 1,300 AABB-accredited institutions.

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