Bowman Consulting Gets $1.7 Million New Contracts for Southern Arizona Mining

Bowman Consulting Group announced that it has been awarded more than $1.7 million in two new engineering and survey contracts for separate mining projects in Southern Arizona.

Included in the new contracts is a two-year master service agreement for a copper leach pad. As part of the assignment, Bowman is supplying engineering and survey services to support quantity verification. Leach pad development is crucial for copper extraction. Bowman has vast experience as an owner-representative in these projects, offering essential services like construction quality assurance, construction management, plant commissioning and terrestrial/mobile ALTA topographic survey.

The other contract is for engineering, survey, procurement, and engineer of record services for a separate copper leach pad. As the sole source provider on this project, Bowman will deliver a range of essential services, including topographic survey, specifications, detailed drawings, and geotechnical investigation complete with issued for construction documents. The company is also providing bid assistance to streamline the procurement process.

“Bowman’s experience with leach pads grants us the knowledge and insight necessary to successfully navigate the complexities of these projects,” said Kent Lang, VP of mining operations at Bowman. “Our in depth understanding of these environments enables us to deliver insightful strategic solutions to our clients. This has led to continuing increases in the number and size of mining projects that Bowman is being awarded.”

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