Arizona Land & Water Trust Purchases 372 acres at Sopori Farm and Creek

The Arizona Land and Water Trust just purchased another 372 acres in their ongoing effort to fully acquire Sopori Farm and Creek. 

This just completed “phase 4” purchase comes with the property’s abandoned agricultural fields and their grandfathered water rights, which will enable sustainable, regenerative, arid land farming to restart near the confluence of Sopori Wash and the Santa Cruz River. These farming traditions date back generations and are compatible with conserving the hydrological conditions of such rare, local landscapes as the riparian ecosystem and wildlife migration corridor of the Sopori.

With the Trust now owning 1,024 acres of Sopori Farm and Creek, they are determined in the upcoming new year, with continued community support, to acquire the remaining 286 acres of this important conservation property.

Preserving Southern Arizona’s western landscapes, farms and ranches, wildlife habitat and the waters that sustain them since 1978.

Arizona Land and Water Trust has been a trusted partner to ranchers and farmers of Southern Arizona for over 40 years. The Trust achieves its mission to protect land and water by working with private landowners who are interested in voluntarily conserving their lands. The Trust also works with public entities to develop local and community conservation plans and goals, and often serves as a bridge between public entities and private landowners. The Trust is one of numerous conservation organizations qualified by state and federal regulations to accept conservation easements and charitable contributions.

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