Why I Love TUS – Q&A with Lisa Lovallo


Why do you like flying out of the Tucson airport?  
It’s convenient, there is always available parking (which is also reasonably priced), TSA lines aren’t crazy long, our airport is super clean, it has delicious, local food options and everyone seems to like working there.  The Tucson airport has a great vibe.

What routes that TUS offers help you and your business? 
 The direct flight to Atlanta is my go-to.  Salt Lake is a pretty good connection point as well.

What do you think of the parking options available at and near the airport?  
There are parking options for everyone’s price point and preferences.  The cost of parking at other airports is exorbitant IF you can even find a parking space.

Do you have any good stories of flying from the Tucson airport?  
The great thing about flying in/out of Tucson is that I don’t have any stories.  Air travel isn’t glamorous.  It’s stressful.  It can be extremely frustrating with delays, cancellations, and angry passengers.  When I fly in/out of our airport, my stress level is low, fellow travelers are courteous and airport employees are friendly. 

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