Westward Look Wyndham Grand Resort & Spa Announces Reinvigoration Steps

Surrounded by the stunning landscape of Tucson’s Santa Catalina Mountains, the celebrated Westward Look Resort & Spa has announced a roll-out of resort programming through RealTime Reservations, a hospitality reservation system. 

The investment in guest-centric services and associates is the first step in several planned phases in the reinvigoration of the iconic Arizona resort.

While maintaining the historic integrity and culture of the beloved resort while delivering a refreshed, exceptional experience within all current and soon-to-debut culinary outlets, Westward Look Resort & Spa launches the user-friendly RealTime Reservations dining system. 

Guests instantly secure their preferred dining experiences with a few simple clicks on a device, ensuring a seamless and efficient process to enjoy award-winning cuisine throughout the expansive resort grounds.  

Key Features of the RealTime Reservations Dining System include: 

Instant Confirmation: Guests receive immediate confirmation of their order, eliminating the wait times traditionally associated with reservation inquiries through real-time information. 

Integrated Experience: Users book dining reservations in one place through an intuitive interface.

Concierge Operation Efficiency: The platform is optimized for easy bookings and amendments to orders 24/7 allowing for smooth management of food and beverage offerings throughout the resort. 

“The introduction of RealTime Reservations showcases our most recent commitment to offering superior service in today’s fast-paced digital age,” said Westward Look Resort General Manager, John Ault. “We look forward to incorporating the reservation system into other aspects of the resort experience later in 2024, further enhancing the guest experience.”

The resort also has announced a new leadership team, which will be featured in future Bizpeople sections.

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