UArizona’s BIO5 Institute to Host Behind BIO5: Meet the Scientists

The University of Arizona BIO5 Institute invites the community to a captivating exploration of cutting-edge research at a special event scheduled for Wednesday, April 3, from 4:30 to 7 p.m., for an evening of research lab tours, fireside chats and poster presentations. 

This exclusive event promises an evening with opportunities to delve into the heart of groundbreaking discoveries. From immersive research lab tours to engaging fireside chats and inspiring poster presentations, attendees will witness firsthand the pioneering work driving progress in nutrition, cancer prevention, precision medicine, and aging — challenges that resonate deeply within our Arizona community and reverberate across the globe.

The BIO5 Institute stands as a beacon of excellence, where interdisciplinary collaboration converges to tackle the most pressing issues of our time. Beyond the confines of laboratory walls, our esteemed researchers are at the forefront of innovation, cultivating groundbreaking discoveries and spearheading initiatives to translate these advancements into tangible solutions for our communities.

Embark on a personalized journey through our state-of-the-art facilities with lab tours offered every 30 minutes. Over 15 research labs and core facilities will participate, allowing attendees to witness science in action and engage directly with our visionary researchers.

Elevate your understanding of diverse scientific disciplines during our fireside chats, scheduled from 5 to 6:30 p.m. Immerse yourself in captivating discussions led by BIO5 member researchers, spanning the realms of biomedical engineering, immunobiology, genomic research, nutritional sciences, agriculture, and beyond. Prepare to be inspired by the visionaries shaping the future of science.

Additionally, our poster presentations will showcase the exceptional achievements of KEYS alumni. The Keep Youth Engaging in Science Research Internship program epitomizes our commitment to nurturing the next generation of scientific leaders. Through a transformative seven-week summer experience, interns engage in real world bioscience research mentored by UArizona faculty–many of whom are esteemed members of the BIO5 Institute.

Join BIO5 as it celebrates the boundless potential of scientific exploration and reaffirm its collective commitment to fostering innovation and positively impacting our communities through research and science.

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