Tucson is No. 6 Best U.S. City for Gen Z

CommercialCafe just published a new study ranking the top 20 best cities for Gen Z and Tucson makes the list at No. 6.

This analysis highlights the performances of the 20 best cities across a total of nine important metrics – including the cost of living, the share of this age cohort within the total population, educational attainment, internet cost, recreational establishments, green commuting and parks per capita.

Here are some of the key highlights:

  • Tucson came 6th among the 20 best cities for Gen Z, surpassing Austin, TX, and following Raleigh, NC.
  • The city boasted the highest share of Gen Z residents out of the total population (10.7%) among all cities on our list.
  • At a state level, Tucson is the only Arizona city that made the top 20.
  • Looking at an extended version of this ranking reveals that Phoenix ranked 32nd among the best U.S. cities for Gen Zers. Tucson outperformed its Sun Corridor neighbor in all categories except the entertainment category.
  • At a regional level, Tucson is the only western city ranking among the top 10 best cities for Gen Z and one of the only two cities from the Western region that made the top 20 alongside Seattle.

You can find a complete overview of this topic in our full study: https://www.commercialcafe.com/blog/top-20-cities-gen-z-2023/

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