Susan Gray 

President & CEO 
Tucson Electric Power
Chair of the Board – Sun Corridor Inc.

If you were to be asked by a site selector, what is the best part of doing business in Tucson, what are the areas you would highlight?

This community has really worked to cultivate a collaborative and innovative spirit. We know that site selectors and their clients are very concerned when they find polarizing divisions in a community, whether they’re rooted in territory or politics, because they inevitably get in the way of finding solutions. I think it’s evident that we have developed a clear partnership mindset that helps us all pull together in one direction with a focus on what it’s going to take to make projects happen.

What are some of the emerging trends in your industry that could have an impact locally on site selectors looking at the Tucson region?

We’ve long been known for aerospace, biotech and logistics, among other areas. I’m happy to see that we’re now attracting employers focused on clean-energy technology. TEP is a leader in the transition to cleaner energy resources, so we appreciate opportunities to work with other companies that are dedicated to protecting our planet. It’s been promising to see new jobs coming into the region to support our expanding use of batteries, electric vehicles and renewable energy. These large investments validate that we are a competitive region with valued assets and a collaborative approach to getting projects across the finish line. 

Aside from the areas you would highlight to a site selector, what are you most optimistic about for the future economic development in the region?

I’m glad that our economic development efforts are becoming more holistic and inclusive and that we’re thinking more deeply about ways that everyone can participate in opportunities to thrive. These kinds of conversations didn’t always happen. But now, when a project comes in, we routinely discuss the best ways to engage with the community and be good partners and neighbors. We want to make sure that everyone, including historically underserved areas, can benefit from our economic development efforts. The reason we seek strong local growth and a healthy investment climate is to create more good jobs and a better quality of life – for everyone.


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