Startup Tucson, Arizona FORGE Launch Computer Science and Career Services Program

Startup Tucson and Arizona FORGE have announced a new Computer Science and Career Services Program, or [CS ] ².

[CS ] ² is designed for people aged 18 years and older who are curious about coding, who are trying to develop their skill sets to break into the industry and who are wondering which paths and opportunities are available within Tucson’s tech industry.

[CS ] ² will use Harvard’s tried and tested CS50 curriculum, developed by expert software developers and educators. The curriculum coupled with career services such as mock interviews, resume review, and workforce panels aim to help identify individuals’ tech interests and strengths. 

The goal is to build confidence and offer preparation for what comes next, all within a supportive and like-minded cohort and environment. Students can also earn an optional verified certificate at the end of the course through the Harvard program. 

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