Doppler Systems LLC Moves to UA Tech Park

Tech Parks Arizona has announced that Doppler Systems LLC will relocate its headquarters from Phoenix to the UA Tech Park in Tucson. Doppler Systems chose to move operations to the UA Tech Park to connect with a business network of like-minded professionals within an established innovation community.  

Established in 1981, Doppler Systems designs and manufactures fixed site and mobile radio direction finders and radio direction finding systems. The company provides RDF equipment and software for government, commercial, and personal users. Clients worldwide use the direction finders in a myriad of ways. For example, direction finders aid in discovering unwanted interference, uncovering malicious intent, finding stuck transmitters, locating boats and aircraft, recovering stolen vehicles, tracking vehicle routes and following beacons. 

Doppler Systems joins over 70 other technology companies and organizations that call UA Tech Park home, a place where emerging businesses and tech giants work side by side. The park’s spacious campus encompasses 1,267 acres and is located in one of Arizona’s fast-growing suburban settings on Tucson’s southeast side at Rita Road. The UA Tech Park provides the infrastructure for business to connect and advance leading edge technology with 2 million square feet of space for high-tech offices, R&D and laboratory facilities combined with the campus culture.  

“Doppler Systems is pleased to be relocating to the UA Tech Park.  We look forward to 40 more years innovating in this exciting and dynamic atmosphere,” said Doug Havenhill, VP of Software Development, Marketing, and Sales.  

Brenda Holmes, VP of Hardware Development and University of Arizona alumni added, “The UA Tech Park provides the ideal location for Doppler Systems’ continued dedication to developing high accuracy RF direction finders using customer focused solutions and agile design practices.” 

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