StartUp Spotlight: Paramium Technologies

Paramium Technologies is developing a better solution to connect Earth and space using             advanced manufacturing methods to meet the radio communications industry’s need for fast, flexible and accurate fabrication of freeform curved metal reflectors for ground stations and satellites. The startup leveraged multiple technologies developed at the University of Arizona Steward Observatory, Wyant College of Optical Sciences, the Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering department, and the Systems and Industrial Engineering department.

Paramium Technologies commercialized and licensed its technology with Tech Launch Arizona before joining UACI to advance its business by developing a prototype and production of its revolutionary business at the UA Tech Park. Paramium Technologies is a recipient of UACI Sponsored Launch Fueled by R&A CPAs.

Pictured above from left – Emily Van Houtem, Office Manager; Roslyn Norman, COO; Christian Davila, Co-founder; Justin Hyatt, Co-founder


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