San Miguel High School Students’ Success: 100% College Acceptance, Nearly $1 Million in Scholarships

San Miguel High School (SMHS) announced that all Graduates of the Class of 2022 have been accepted into college, marking the fourteenth consecutive year the school has reached 100% college acceptance since its first graduating class in 2008.

This year’s 79 graduates have received $534,838 in scholarship awards for In-State universities, $74,901 (to date) in scholarship awards for Out-of-State universities, and $317,185 in FAFSA. The high school helped their students complete 499 applications, seeing 218 acceptances at 127 institutions.

In addition to the graduates’ successes, SMHS students of all grades went on to achieve high honors and scholarships, demonstrating the power of the Lasallian model of education, which enriches the whole person. Through teaching and the development of the student’s cultural, intellectual, physical, social, and spiritual well-being, Lasallian education centers on five core principles emphasizing academic excellence, faith formation, inclusion, respect for the individual, service, and social justice.

Other honors seen by students this year include:

  • The Metropolitan Education Commission’s Student Leader award to one of our seniors
  • American Red Cross Volunteer of the year
  • Select baseball team players made it to the All-Region level
  • Both Freshman and Senior Robotics teams made it to the State robotics competition, with one student going on to compete in the FIRST World Competition
  • The National Honor Society welcomed 11 new members 
  • The Hispanic Honor Society welcomed 27 new members 
  • The English Honor Society welcomed 14 new members

“The Class of 2022 has a lot to be proud of,” said David Mason, San Miguel’s President and CEO. “During their time at San Miguel, these graduates have taken on college-prep academics in addition to overcoming hurdles with online learning, disruptions in work-study going remote, and all the pressures that come with growing up in these charged times,” said Mason.

“It’s an expectation of our students to not only get accepted to college but also to finish their post-secondary education. We’ve prepared them for that, and now it’s up to them to achieve it. They’ll be changing not only their future, but the future of generations to come in their families,” continued Mason.

Graduation was celebrated last Saturday, May 21st at the AVA Amphitheater, which followed the Baccalaureate Mass on Friday, May 20th.

About San Miguel High School

San Miguel High School (SMHS), a Catholic, Lasallian learning community, opened in August 2004 to empower youth from communities of limited resources through the integration of Christian values, rigorous academics and practical work experience. SMHS was among an early cohort of the nationwide Cristo Rey Network® to open. Students take a full college preparatory course load while simultaneously holding professional internships, earning a significant portion of their school tuition. By the end of four years at San Miguel, graduates are ready to enter a university environment with confidence in their educational preparedness and a determination to succeed in their chosen field. Most graduates will be the first in their family to attend college. More info:

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