Community Foundation for Southern Arizona Announces Scholarships Totaling $515,913 for 2022-2023

The Community Foundation for Southern Arizona is proud to announce scholarships totaling $515,913.21 were awarded to 116 recipients in the 2022-2023 Scholarship Round to help Southern Arizona students pursue their educational dreams.

Scholarships and awards at CFSA are as unique and diverse as the donors who establish them. These programs are made possible by the generosity of donors who want to support students in need of financial assistance to achieve their dreams.

Natalia Gabrielsen, Program Manager, CFSA, said, “CFSA is grateful for our donors who make these scholarships possible. We are so excited for this year’s recipients to invest in their futures by pursuing their educational dreams and goals. We wish them all the best in this next chapter.”

Recipient Highlights:

Ruby Johnson, recipient of the CFSA General Scholarship, stated, “I am so grateful to be receiving this scholarship. I am passionate about pursuing my dreams as a young artist and student but was worried because of my family’s struggling financial situation. Opportunities like these will give me the flexibility to pursue what I love without fear. I owe a lot to organizations like this one who are helping to fund my dreams. I hope to be able to help youth in this situation when I am older.”

Eli Baren
, recipient of the Sean K. Ball Memorial Scholarship, shared, “Your kind and generous support of my passion for music education and contribution towards my personal and professional journey is deeply appreciated. Thank you for allowing me to continue my study and pursuit of transcendent musical moments with the double bass. I look forward to sharing those moments with my students, audiences, and community in the future.”

Luiza Lopez, recipient of the CFSA General Scholarship, shared, “This scholarship has aided my dreams of graduating debt-free and allowing me to do so without having my parents pay a cent towards my education. I am extremely grateful to this scholarship for allowing me to continue to further my education.”

Annizia Bell, recipient of the African American Opportunity Scholarship, shared, “There have been so many days where I didn’t want to keep challenging myself to be better than the day before, but I knew that if I just kept pushing there was a light a the end of the tunnel. It still surprises me today that I am where I am now because of my hard work, and because I was strong enough to not give up. This scholarship is very important to me because there was a point in time where I didn’t think I would get where I am now; becoming who I’m meant to be and following my dreams.”

Angel Monroy, recipient of the CFSA General Scholarship, shared, “I thank God and this organization for granting me this great help to complete all my educational goals. “

Ruha Hesso, recipient of the CFSA General Scholarship, shared, “Receiving this scholarship means a lot to me because it will help me to pay my college tuition and books.”

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