Roche Tissue Diagnostics Expands Janssen Collaboration to Advance Personalized Healthcare

Roche Tissue Diagnostics has announced that it has expanded its collaboration with Janssen Biotech Inc. to create companion diagnostics for targeted therapies, further strengthening research and innovation activities.

The new, expanded agreement broadens opportunities for Roche and Janssen to collaborate in the precision medicine field with multiple companion diagnostics technologies, including immunohistochemistry, digital pathology, next generation sequencing, polymerase chain reaction and immunoassays.

“This is a great example of how Roche is spearheading the next generation of healthcare by working with industry leaders around the globe,” said Jill German, head of Roche Tissue Diagnostics. “Through collaboration, we aim to help advance personalized healthcare by developing tests that make more targeted therapies available to the patients who need them.”

Examples of projects that may develop as a result of this collaboration include exploring data and tissue image analysis and the development of a new IHC assay to support patient identification and enrollment for personalized treatment.

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