Rio Nuevo Helps Fund New Projects on Toole, Stone Avenues

The Rio Nuevo board has unanimously advanced two new projects in the Toole and Stone area in Downtown Tucson. The board approved $178,000 for Tyler Fenton’s plan to add an outdoor patio to the very successful BATA Restaurant. 

The new patio will be open for lunch and dinner and focus on a unique barbecue menu designed to complement Bata’s oak fired entrees. Bata opened to a great reception and was quickly named one of the 50 best new restaurants in America.

A few doors west of Bata, Stephanie Romero has moved her popular event center to the turn of the century warehouse at Stone and Toole. Stephanie has provided quinceañeras and other Latin-themed events and weddings in Tucson for over 25 years. 

The old dusty warehouse is being transformed into a beautiful, flower filled, lively, event and music space called Stone Bridge Events that is already booked for nearly a year. Rio Nuevo will contribute $85,200 to help with handicapped access, building a bar and kitchen, and activating the basement. 

Chairman Fletcher McCusker also advised both establishments that Rio Nuevo will continue to help find parking solutions for that section of downtown, including expanded valet service and working with adjacent garages and lots to provide additional automobile access.

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