Raytheon, U.S. Air Force Finish Final Flight Test of New AMRAAM Variant

The U.S. Air Force and Raytheon, an RTX business, have successfully completed all developmental and operational testing of the AIM-120D-3, which concluded with an F-16 live-fire of the missile with production hardware and software.

“We are ramping AMRAAM production to a greater rate than ever before in the history of this program,” said Paul Ferraro, president of Air Power at Raytheon. “With significantly increased functionality, performance and producibility, and the completion of the flight test program, we are ensuring warfighters can count on having the fifth generation of AMRAAM – and enough of them – in their arsenal.”

The AIM-120D-3 is the most advanced variant of the AMRAAM ® missile developed under the Form, Fit, Function Refresh program, which upgraded circuit cards in the guidance section of the missile and allows for continuous agile software improvements. The latest AMRAAM is capable of countering peer threats.

Developmental and operational test of the AIM-120D-3 included captive carry and live-fires from both U.S. Navy and U.S. Air Force fourth and fifth generation platforms. The production ramp increases follow recent contracts, such as a $1.15 billion awarded in June 2023 and $972 million awarded in Sept. 2022.

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