Raytheon to Produce 571 AIM-9X Sidewinder Missiles in $264-Million Modification Contract

RTX, the parent company of Raytheon, was awarded a $264-million modification to a production Lot 23 contract originally awarded in December 2022. Under the modification, Raytheon will produce and deliver 571 AIM-9X® SIDEWINDER® missiles and associated parts for the U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force, and foreign military sales customers.

“AIM-9X is the world’s most advanced, combat-proven infrared missile, providing advanced capabilities to the U.S. and our international allies,” said Kim Ernzen, president of Naval Power at Raytheon. “The weapon’s versatility and inherent growth potential makes it a triple-threat missile offering an unmatched level of lethality and survivability to counter threats.”

Included in the modification, Raytheon will also provide captive air training systems, containers, spare assets, and related kits and support equipment. The majority of work will be performed within the continental U.S. and is expected to be completed in August 2026.

The AIM-9X SIDEWINDER missile is a triple-threat missile that can be used for air-to-air engagements, surface-attack, and surface-launch missions without modifications. A U.S. Navy-led joint program with the U.S. Air Force, the AIM-9X SIDEWINDER also has 31 Foreign Military Sales partners. The advanced infrared-tracking, short-range missile is combat proven in several theaters around the world.

RTX is the world’s largest aerospace and defense company with a global team of 180,000 employees. Effective July 1, the company will complete its realignment into three customer-focused business units — Collins Aerospace, Raytheon and Pratt & Whitney. Raytheon’s missile and defense business is in Tucson.

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