Pyx Health Launches New Program to Tackle Youth Loneliness

Pyx Health, a tech-enabled services company that provides health insurance plans and their members an innovative, scalable solution that effectively addresses the nation’s critical loneliness epidemic, has announced a groundbreaking new initiative that addresses loneliness among America’s youth, ages 13 to 21, as part of the Pyx Health program

The mobile app-based program works by screening for loneliness, depression and anxiety, and provides real-time assessment and support for mental health targeted to the specific needs of teens and young adults. Once loneliness is identified in an individual, Pyx Health uses science-based programming and skilled, peer-to-peer human support to improve overall mental health. Supportive local and crisis resources are also available in real-time through the app and live human connections.

“Despite what people often think, loneliness is actually most prevalent in the young adult age group, which has unfortunately been exacerbated by the pandemic,” said Pyx Health CEO Cindy Jordan. “It’s important to have a proven solution that directly addresses youth concerns, specifically things like LGBTQIA+ issues, bullying, school stress, and relationship challenges. We know that youth mental health can shift rapidly due to these issues, which is why our program is always available for a young person in need.”

Pyx successfully completed a nine-month pilot of its youth program starting in January 2022. The pilot included more than 300 youth and their caregivers and enabled Pyx Health to develop customized content, unique interactive resilience-building activities, critical operational protocols, and community-based connections available through the app. Youth participating in the pilot saw outcomes such as a 72% reduction in loneliness and marked decreases in depression and anxiety, as well as increased access to support and improved health outcomes.

Jordan also noted the new guidelines from the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, which recommend regular screening for anxiety and depression in children. These assessments often occur at physicals and wellness-checks, but youth mental health, particularly among teens, can change significantly and rapidly between those appointments. The Pyx Health program is designed to fill that gap.

“The new Task Force recommendations are a huge step forward, but they aren’t enough. We need a way to better treat adolescent mental health that is persistent, relatable, and interconnected with their health and social supports,” Jordan said. “For teens, the use of a digital app allows them to feel more comfortable and our program provides an opportunity for them to talk with someone who isn’t directly related to their stress.”

Pyx Health provides non-clinical support to youth, bridging the gaps between appointments with mental health professionals, who can often have long waits or limited availability due high demand and the current shortage of available professionals.

Once enrolled, Pyx Health provides a non-judgmental and anonymous environment for children and young adults. Trained support staff provide stable and consistent human connection and assist with self-management and skill development to foster long-term stability.

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