President Robbins: UArizona Plans to Resume In-Person Classes in Fall

After having his blood drawn for antibody testing on Thursday, UArizona President Robert C. Robbins announced a plan for bringing students, faculty and staff back to campus in the fall.

The University of Arizona plans to resume in-person classes in the fall semester, which begins on Aug. 24, President Robert C. Robbins announced Thursday.

Robbins made the announcement after having his blood drawn for antibody testing on the first day of a statewide antibody testing effort being led by the university in partnership with the state of Arizona.

The president issued the following statement:

“I am pleased to publicly announce today our intention to return to in-person classes at the University of Arizona for the fall semester. We will honor all local, state and federal protective measures that apply, and, of course, there are many factors that remain beyond our control. However, we are tackling what is within our control to ensure our students have the opportunity for a full on-campus experience.

Robbins was among the first to get an antibody test as part of a partnership between the university and the state of Arizona. (Photo: Chris Richards/University of Arizona)

“We have launched antibody testing for the county and will soon begin antibody testing 250,000 health care workers and first responders for the state of Arizona in partnership with the Governor’s Office. Next, we will test our own students, faculty and staff. We are expanding our diagnostic testing capability for COVID-19 infection. In short, we are working with local and national experts to create best-in-class strategies to reopen the campus.

“Our plan is to Test, Trace and Treat to present our campus community a flexible and adaptive teaching and learning environment.”

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