ED2 Corp to Provide Low-Cost Ventilators

Electronic Design and Development Corporation (ED2) announced today it is joining an international effort to provide low-cost ventilators during the COVID-19 epidemic. ED2 released the following statement:

At ED2, we pride ourselves in our nimble, flexible, and creative spirit; and, in leveraging the strengths inherent to a tight-knit, dynamic, small-company culture steeped in deep technical expertise and excellence, to solve large scale challenges. Our goal every day is to develop products and solutions that make people’s lives better; we are collaborative, people-focused, and truly enjoy working with each other and with the other companies with which we collaborate regularly and closely.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought with it an urgent need for ventilators; estimates indicate that in the U.S. alone, hundreds of thousands of people will require the assistance of ventilators in the coming weeks and months. The supply of ventilators currently available falls far short of the expected need; without sufficient ventilators on hand, healthcare providers – along with their patients and the patients’ families – will face wrenching choices. In response, a number of groups and companies of all sizes – including U.S. auto makers – have taken on the task of addressing this shortage as quickly as possible. And, this scenario holds true all around the world in areas where the COVID-19 epidemic has yet to subside.

On March 26, our partner, Bob Griffin from Diamond Ventures Investments (DVI), asked if we could find a way to make a ventilator. The same day we received news that one of our collaborator companies in Sonora, Mexico, had formed – in conjunction with two other small businesses – a non-profit called ReesistenciaTMX. ReesistenciaTMX is working to quickly bringonline the manufacture of ventilators based on open-source designs and distribute those ventilators – free of charge – to individuals needing respiratory support during the COVID-19 pandemic in Mexico.

Inspired by the interaction with ReesistenciaTMX, ED2’s team voted unanimously to focus some of our resources on quickly developing a low-cost smart ventilator, to complement projects like those of Reesistencia TMX, Medtronic and others, as the world takes on the challenge of rapidly producing the key medical equipment we need in order to face the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are working diligently and intensively to develop a prototype that we can quickly productize, to allow us to rapidly bring forward a low-cost, smart ventilator that can help save lives during the COVID-19 pandemic. We hope our efforts will help ease the heavy burden this pandemic has placed on our collective shoulders, and to make as much of a difference as we can in the lives of as many affected families as possible.

This is a difficult road to travel alone for a small company; we hope to engage with those interested in collaborating with us in bringing this project forward as quickly as possible. Particularly important is partnering with those that can provide support with regulatory and logistics issues related to the medical products field. We will share our progress as frequently as feasible during the process; in the meantime, please reach out if you wish to participate.

About ED2

Founded in 2007 and refocused in 2018, Electronic Design and Development Corporation (ED2) builds 5G infrastructure hardware for next generation advancements in telecommunications. ED2 products include integrated 5G wireless solutions, IoT sensors, 5G filters and custom radio frequency electronics.

Our mission is to give wireless network providers the critical and cost- effective components required for expansion and competitiveness. The company’s core technical leadership is comprised of industry renowned experts that hold many patents in electronics solutions for radio frequency (RF), radio communications, radar, software and wireless technology.

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