Mosaic Quarter, TMC Health, Tucson Orthopaedic Institute Announce Partnership

Mosaic Quarter Development, the developer of Mosaic Quarter, a sport and entertainment-focused lifestyle center, announced a new sports medicine partnership with TMC Health and Tucson Orthopaedic Institute naming them MQ’s official sports medicine partners.

TMC Health and TOI will provide certified athletic trainers for each game and match held at MQ Iceplex, MQ Field House, MQ Sportsplex and MQ Stadium (MQ Sports Medicine Services). In the event of an injury, MQ Sports Medicine Services will have the expertise on hand to assess the injury and recommend treatment locations, with these services free of charge to all MQ resident and visiting athletes. Until the completion of MQ Stadium, MQ Sports Medicine Services will be headquartered in mobile facilities adjacent to MQ Iceplex.

MQD also announced the creation of MQ Sports Medicine Center, a 20,000-sq.-ft. dedicated medical center, to be located within the MQ Stadium complex and managed by TMC Health and TOI. “Through this partnership, MQ Sports Medicine Center will eventually be the home of MQ Sports Medicine Services and will also offer TMC Health and Tucson Orthopaedic medical services to both MQ guests and the surrounding community,” said Frank Knott, MQD’s senior managing director. “These include Urgent Care and imaging services, physical therapy and orthopedic clinic services as well as concussion baseline, assessment and treatment services.”

“We are excited to be a part of this wonderful community collaboration which will provide licensed healthcare providers onsite for MQ athletic events,” said TOI CEO Paula Hecht. “Certified athletic trainers working at the core of MQ Sports Medicine Services will be backed by teams of sub-specialty orthopedic and healthcare professionals. MQ Sports Medicine Center plans to house a true multi-disciplinary healthcare team, and this collaboration will facilitate providing exceptional healthcare to our local and visiting athletes, and to our greater Tucson community.”

“MQ is a public-private partnership that brings together sports, community connections and good health,” said Judy Rich, president and CEO of TMC Health. “We look forward to building on our ongoing collaboration with Tucson Orthopaedic as the official sports medicine partners of MQ. Whether you are a resident Tucsonan or a guest from out of the area, knowing you have easy and quick access to health services is something all can appreciate. TMC Health is privileged to provide exceptional healthcare with compassion in this new, state-of-the-art center.”

MQD also announced that Pima Community College and Pima Joint Technical Education District, through their sports injury management and member district sports medicine programs, respectively, will join TMC Health and TOI in offering students from both institutions workforce training opportunities with MQ Sports Medicine Services.

“The scope and breadth of athlete participation at MQ will be substantial,” Knott said. “Within MQ Iceplex and MQ Field House, alone, we expect over 60,000 travel youth athletes will compete each year in addition to large numbers of local athletes. The need to provide consistent sports medicine services made this partnership a natural fit. As a catalyst of growth and opportunity in Pima County, we’re thrilled that Pima College and Pima JTED shared our collective vision and agreed to join in this important initiative.”

“MQ Sports Medicine Services provides an environment conductive to workforce training,” said Ian Roark, Pima College’s vice chancellor of workforce development and innovation. “Our sports injury management students will benefit from multiple and repetitive opportunities to focus on active athletes. As a workforce training effort adjunct to MQD’s existing commitments to Pima College, we’re excited to expand our relationship with MQD and provide MQ Sports Medicine Services in partnership with TMC Health and Tucson Orthopaedic.”

Kathy Prather, Pima JTED’s superintendent and CEO, agreed. “Pima JTED’s member district sports medicine students will experience valuable, real-time situations that are both service-oriented and career enhancing “We’re looking forward to working with TMC Health, Tucson Orthopaedic and MQD to develop our participation in MQ Sports Medicine Services with our 14-member school district CTE directors and athletic trainers/sports medicine instructors.”

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