Lisa Lovallo

VP & Market Leader
Cox Communications, Inc.

If you were to be asked by a site selector, what is the best part of doing business in Tucson, what are the areas you would highlight?

We have done a good job of diversifying our local economy. We have major players in aerospace and defense, transportation, logistics, diagnostics, healthcare, emerging technologies, battery manufacturing, just to name a few. We have a Research 1 university, a large community college system and a variety of high achieving charter and public schools. Our government sector is also a large business opportunity, and we can boast one of the largest Air Force bases in the U.S. All of these are areas of opportunity for businesses of all sizes. 

What are some of the emerging trends in your industry that could have an impact locally on site selectors looking at the Tucson region?

Cox Communications has a symmetrical, multi-gig fiber-powered network that serves 95% of Tucson. We are focused on building fiber deeper into our network to keep our system fast and reliable. We have invested over $15 billion into our fiber backbone, and we are committed to keeping Tucson and the region competitive. 

Aside from the areas you would highlight to a site selector, what are you most optimistic about for the future economic development in the region?

We have a track record of success recruiting, growing and retaining businesses. We have a professional and experienced economic development organization, Sun Corridor Inc., that is laser focused on bringing opportunities to the region. We will continue to be relentless in our effort to diversify our economy by targeting business sectors that will enhance our existing and emerging industry clusters. We have a business community that is unified and supports the region’s economic goals. 


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