Eller College of Management Entrepreneur Showcases New Clothing Brand

By Quin Madden, El Inde Arizona

Eller College of Management student entrepreneur, John Michael Filippone ’24 BSBA, has taken his clothing brand, Sol Del Seco to a whole new level.

Sol Del Seco specializes in hats, clothing and other items that encourage people to be themselves.

As Filippone’s brand started growing popularity, it got some help from one of many apartment complexes near the University of Arizona—Sol y Luna—where it hosted a rooftop event to promote the brand.

Filippone started the company with one of his fraternity brothers and they got their start designing hoodies for the fraternity. But Filippone went out on his own to continue to grow the brand’s image and social media presence. He wanted to appeal to people who feel they do not have a voice, which is something that he learned early on when he was exploring photography as a career. He gained many experiences and that helped him develop Sol Del Seco to what it is today.

Currently, all the clothing is produced through a network of producers in the fashion district of Los Angeles and then sent to Arizona for sale. Sol Del Seco do their sales directly through their website as well as at two stores near the University’s campus.

Filippone has taken steps to roll out Sol Del Seco’s brand nationally, by rolling out items that have the “I’d rather be in” lines for other cities that include Los Angeles, Boulder, Colo. and Dallas and Fort Worth, Tex.

“After creating such a strong voice for Tucson with the ‘I’d rather be in Tucson’ phrase, I realized that there is a whole country who all want a voice for their city,” said Filippone. “I am growing the presence of Sol Del Seco on different campuses so that we can start by giving the youth a voice and so that we can connect with the net generation through representation on those campuses.”

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