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If you were to be asked by a site selector, what is the best part of doing business in Tucson, what are the areas you would highlight?

Arizona offers job and investment incentives or tax credits, entitled sites with freeway access, proximity to California and Mexico, low chance of business interruption from natural disasters or utilities, a strong inland port with more activity in its future from things like the “Sonoran Corridor,” a growing labor force, below-average cost of living, and one of the lowest corporate tax rates in the country. 

What are some of the emerging trends in your industry that could have an impact locally on site selectors looking at the Tucson region?

Global logistics, the connection between where products are made and consumers, are changing to Tucson’s benefit. Many companies want their production to be closer, and Mexico, which became the top overall U.S. trading partner in 2023, offers an alternative to manufacturing in countries such as China. In addition, U.S. port demand, which the lion’s share of imports go through, is changing. A product that typically goes through Los Angeles may end up in Houston or Miami instead, but the demand for that product out west still needs to be met, and Tucson’s position on Interstate 10, among other factors, makes it a strong candidate to help businesses meet that demand. 

Aside from the areas you would highlight to a site selector, what are you most optimistic about for the future economic development in the region?

This is a friendly and entrepreneurial community with a rich cultural heritage. A quickly growing population, fantastic quality of life. The University of Arizona’s 40,000+ students also help immensely. I am most optimistic that this combination will generate economic development in diverse areas that even the financial pundits do not see. Sun Corridor Inc.’s pro-active approach with businesses looking at Tucson as an alternative is also a huge benefit and provides increased changes for net migration of new companies relocating to the area.


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