Casino Del Sol Launches New eMarker Technology

Casino Del Sol, the premier gaming and entertainment destination in Arizona, has announced a groundbreaking advancement in the gaming industry with the launch of NRT Technology’s innovative eMarker solution for credit automation. This revolutionary technology aims to enhance the overall guest experience, streamline operations and provide a seamless gaming environment for all patrons.

The collaboration between Casino Del Sol and NRT Technology represents a milestone achievement in the gaming sector, with the eMarker solution set to redefine how players access and utilize credit while enjoying the casino’s vast array of gaming options.

With this cutting-edge eMarker system, Casino Del Sol guests can bid farewell to traditional paper-based processes and lengthy credit transactions. The NRT Technology eMarker solution enables patrons to access their gaming funds swiftly, efficiently, and securely, creating a more immersive and enjoyable gaming experience for everyone.

Key benefits of Casino Del Sol’s credit automation with NRT Technology eMarker solution include:

1.  Instant Access to Funds: Patrons can conveniently and instantaneously access their credit line at the touch of a button, eliminating any delays in getting into the action. 

2. Streamlined Operations: The eMarker solution significantly reduces administrative tasks for casino staff, enabling them to focus more on providing exceptional customer service and a personalized gaming experience.

3. Enhanced Security: With NRT Technology’s cutting-edge security features, players can feel confident that their financial transactions are protected, adding an extra layer of assurance to their gaming endeavors.

4. Increased Responsible Gaming Measures: The eMarker solution enables better control and monitoring of gaming funds, allowing guests to manage their expenditures responsibly.

Casino Del Sol remains committed to staying at the forefront of technological innovations in the gaming industry. By partnering with NRT Technology, the casino reinforces its dedication to delivering a world-class gaming experience to every visitor who walks through its doors.

“As a leading gaming destination, our top priority is to ensure that our guests have access to the most advanced gaming technologies available,” said Kimberly Van Amburg, CEO of Casino Del Sol. “The NRT Technology eMarker solution aligns perfectly with our commitment to excellence and elevates our guest experience to a whole new level.”

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