University of Arizona and Miraval Resort & Spa Launch Wellness and Sustainability Institute

The University of Arizona and Miraval Resort & Spa announce the launch of the University of Arizona/Miraval Institute, a think tank to facilitate communication about health, wellness and sustainability issues.

The institute was founded with the belief that the combined resources of the UA and Miraval Resort & Spa will foster greater communication and devise solutions to today’s wellness and sustainability challenges.

Initially, the institute will offer a series of three-day, two-night retreats that focus on a specific wellness topic and or health care issue. The three days will include presentations and lectures by UA faculty, Miraval specialists and industry leaders.

The institute’s programs will be of particular interest to medical doctors and other health and wellness professionals.

“In these days of exponential change in our understanding of healthy living and environmental challenges, it is critical that we look at these issues with innovative eyes,” said Joaquin Ruiz, UA vice president of innovation and strategy, dean of the UA College of Science and director of the UA’s Biosphere 2. “We believe that the combined focus of Miraval and the University of Arizona will produce a perfect forum to address these topics in novel and important ways.”

“The UA’s core areas of strength targeted in this partnership include health, wellness and environmental sustainability,” Ruiz said. “These programs at the UA are at the forefront of global collaborations that help explain and resolve health, wellness and environmental challenges – and seize solution-driven opportunities created by such challenges.”
There are two retreats scheduled for 2014 so far. The inaugural event will take place April 27-29. Titled “Living Beyond 100,” the retreat will examine how longer life expectancies are affecting the world and introduce the technological advances that promise healthy, productive aging beyond 100.

The second event, “The Diagnostics Summit, Innovative Pathways to Better Health,” co-hosted by DxInsights, will take place May 4-6 and will center on unique cutting-edge personalized diagnostics.

“Miraval is a pioneer in the wellness space and a place where guests come to engage in a myriad of programs and workshops surrounding the topic,” said Michael G. Tompkins, CEO of Miraval Resort & Spa. “Partnering with the University of Arizona for these collaborative think tanks will not only provide Miraval guests with another opportunity to increase their knowledge, but will also bolster the resort’s ability to innovate.”

Rates for the three-day University of Arizona/Miraval Institute retreats begin at $1,400 per person. Guests of the institute will also have unlimited access to regularly scheduled Miraval activities, lectures and programs, as well as full access to the resort and its award-winning

UA Contact
Joaquin Ruiz
UA Vice President of Innovation and Strategy

Miraval Contact
Katie Archambault
Nike Communications

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